The Team

A handful of people, quite infatuated with music of all kinds, not editors, more like flâneurs who are interested in the landscapes around the individual songs, musicians and genres, explore them passionately-dilettantishly and sketch them with the help of playlists and collages of artists. In this sense: Have fun walking around!

Eugen never starts a trip without warming up to the music of the country. He quite likes to create playlists for other people. More piano than guitar. Loves very long but also very short songs, has a weakness for good cover versions and always remembers a quote by Miles Davis: “When you hit a wrong note, it’s the next one that makes it right or wrong.”

Seven Minutes And Beyond, On The Way To Dinner With David Lynch, Mulatu Astatke And Beyond, Beyond The Classroom

Don was born in the year of Psycho Killer, The Passenger and Metal on Metal. First concert: Metallica. First record: Beats International. First club: Icon Berlin.

Others describe him as a multidisciplinary generalist who loves to sort playlists by color. He lives at a pace of 100 genres/month, yet is happy to take a break at the end of the day – to work on visionary projects with open-minded people afterwards.

Blues And Beyond — Side A, Beyond Inspirations — Side A, Beyond Superpower, It Was The Third Of September…, Mulatu Astatke And Beyond, Beyond The Classroom, 53 albums I always wanted to listen to

In the past, Mathias would have loved to have a time machine. Today, he only needs his headphones to collect treasures. And the ether. And the radio stations of the whole world. He is interested in practically everything, without genre limits, guitar walls, gospel choirs, avant-garde jazz, Hamburger Schule, freak folk … he also really digs good lyrics and stories, just like Jay Griffiths: “Immersion is all.”

Blues And Beyond — Side B, Beyond Inspirations — Side A, The Laurel Canyon Sessions, Bob Dylan’s Murder Ballads, Mulatu Astatke And Beyond, Beyond The Classroom, Exotica  — Im Fahrstuhl mit Henri Rousseau, Erwachsen werden mit Tocotronic

Teresa is interested in all forms of art, only it must burn. In the heart. And in the head. In music she finds her channel for anger, the perfect rhythm for dancing and the most moving melody for singing along. And she likes to keep it like Lauryn Hill: “You must destroy in order to rebuild.”

Against Racism!