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This stage here belongs to the artists who have kindly allowed us to use their creations as artwork for the various articles on this site. So feel free to browse through their digital galleries and profiles. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something there that will make your synapses and hearts pulse.

Square: Rowing the Cosmos by Christo Makatita

Christo Makatita (Indonesia)

Christo very aptly describes himself as a digital surrealist. Influenced by the great masters, the graphic designer soon found his own style. On Bored Panda, Christo talks about his work and his sources of inspiration. (To article)

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👉 53 albums I always wanted to listen to

Original: Life On Mars by Seana Gavin

Seana Gavin (UK)

Collage artist and photographer
Must Listen: Seana on Kit Grill (NTS Radio) about her art and her time in the ‘Free Party Rave Movement’ in the 1990s. (To the show)

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👉 Exotica  — Im Fahrstuhl mit Henri Rousseau

Original: Window byIan Tothill

Ian Tothill (UK)

Ian is a collage artist in the extended sense. He is constantly absorbing his visual impressions and sounds and mixing them into new works and soundscapes. And he has been doing this for a very long time. We recommend the very nice biotext. Be sure to dive into his visual world and listen to his many great music projects.

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👉 Beyond The Classroom

Original: Mulatu Astatke by Zelalem Merga

Zelalem Merga (Ethiopia)

Zelalem’s artistic focus is painting. A great passion is his series of portraits created from scrap materials, this case Mulatu Astatke.

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👉 Mulatu Astatke And Beyond

Original: galatea by emanuele balzani

emanuele balzani (Italy)

emanuele is a poet, traveler and magician. Highly recommended is this interview with Ed Drass, in which he talks about his creative process as well as the role of emotions in our facial expressions. (To interview). emanuele, however, not only creates art on paper, but also creates sound collages for theater and dance shows. (open soundcloud).

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👉 Beyond Daylight

Original: Bob Dylan by Raoul Sebastiao

Raoul Sebastiao (France)

Raoul is a collage artist and Dylan fan from the beginning. The depth of Dylan’s reflections inspired Raoul to create this artwork with the subtitle ‘abyss of the artist’.


👉 Bob Dylan’s Murder Ballads

Header: Februllage Shout by Andrei Cojocaru

Andrei Cojocaru (France)

Andrei currently lives and works in Paris as a collage artist and freelance illustrator. We highly recommend the interview in The Weird Show, where he talks about his influences and creative process. (To interview)

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👉 Against Racism!

Original: Artwork by Mr. Babies

Mr. Babies (USA)

Mr. Babies a psychedelic collage genius with a great sense of surrealism and humor. He’s been honing his style since 2010, always between impressive scenic spaces and rabbit holes. Recommend the interview from the Toombes from 2021 (Go to interview) and Lyndon Pyke Design from 2018. (To interview)

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👉 The Laurel Canyon Sessions

Original: Third pattern from Nature’s particles series by Bogdan_Katsuba

Bogdan Katsuba (Lithuania)

Bogdan is a very busy graphic designer & illustrator. He runs a design studio in Vilnius (Lithuania) with Ophiuchus, has designed countless logos and illustrates in his very own visual language for both commercial clients and freelance projects.

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👉 It Was The Third Of September …

Original: Mouth by Inga Markstrom

Inga Markstrom (USA)

Inga is a collage and animation artist with a penchant for surreal, imaginative worlds. She usually works in collaboration with one or two musicians on a project, but prefers to work with children. Here is a nice interview on Arts Illustrated from 2015. (To interview)

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👉 Beyond Superpower

Original: Freestyle Flores by Max-o-matic

Max-o-matic (Spain)

Max-o-matic’s work includes contemporary collages and illustrations that he makes for galleries and commercial clients. He also runs ‘The Weird Show’, an art platform dedicated to exploring contemporary collages.

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👉 Beyond Inspirations — Side A

Original: the sky by Allan Bealy

Allan Bealy (USA)

Allan Bealy is a Canadian artist and graphic designer living and working in Brooklyn. He has been publishing collage books for many years (including Benzene Editions) and is regularly represented in solo and group exhibitions. His focus is now on collage and mixed media.

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👉 Seven Minutes And Beyond

Original: Adam Brierley 'Walking Home', 2021

Adam Brierley (USA)

Collage artist and photographer who has become known for adding new textures to photographic materials like vintage postcards using paint. Our recommended reading: Adam interviewed about (his) art and music. (To interview)

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👉 Blues And Beyond — Side B

Original: Scenes from a House by Andrei Nicolescu

Andrei Nicolescu (Romania)

Andrej is a visual artist currently living and working in Bucharest. He has a soft spot for all forms of art and design, but his heart beats for minimalistic images for a sense of humor. Andrej works mainly in editorial illustration, animation, album and book cover illustrations.

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👉 Blues And Beyond — Side A

Summer Solstice II von Pablo Martinez

Pablo Martinez (Spain)

Pablo is a painter whose work deals with memories and ambiguities. His paintings have a pervasive intimacy, somewhere between hyperrealism and blurred dreams.

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👉 Erwachsenwerden mit Tocotronic

Cover Art Guy (Great Britain)

Jimmy aka Cover Art Guy carries his greatest passion in his name, as the collages are inspired by music through and through. He says himself, “The world built around a song or album is something I like to transfer into my own work to draw the viewer in.”

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👉 On The Way To Dinner With David Lynch

Square: La Société Anonyme POOLGULLS LOWRES

La Société Anonyme

The collages are sometimes rough and edgy, sometimes different forms flow into each other and only at second glance do you see what exactly has grown together. The reason why the artists do it anonymously: “To have as much personal freedom as possible and so that people can freely judge the works without knowing who is behind them.”

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👉 Die Kunst zu Covern

Artwork von Yui Sakamoto

Yui Sakamoto (Mexico)

Yui’s paintings are a true surrealist frenzy. In his paintings, some of which are very large, he combines elements of traditional Japanese painting with the colourful motifs of Mexican folk art.

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👉 Beyond Inspirations – Side B