Against Racism!

Artwork: Shout by Andrei Cojocaru

…this land is my land. Rage against racism, nationalism, and anti-Semitism? The playlist features German bands, who raise their voices …

The Laurel Canyon Sessions

Artwork by Mr. Babies

Was machte das Canyon-Viertel in den 60er und 70er Jahren so besonders? Und welche Rolle spielt Jonathan Wilson in der Renaissance der frühen 2010er Jahre? Inklusive einer handverlesenen Playlist mit Songs von damals und heute.

Beyond Superpower

Artwork: Mouth by Inga Markstrom

From Bach to Prodigy to Tina Turner to Queen to Gloria Gaynor. I asked random people for their favorite “Superpower Song” on TEDxBerlin.

Seven Minutes And Beyond

Artwork: the sky by Allan Bealy

Got a short attention span? Then you’re wrong here. Also, you’re perfectly right here. Have you ever wondered why most songs are about 3 to 4 minutes long in the first place?