| 🕖 2 min. | Artwork: Andrei Cojocaru

…this land is my land.

To be honest, I have no idea about music. I can hardly differentiate Deep Purple from Depeche Mode. So you see, my musical ignorance is severe. Nevertheless, I love music. It makes me think and it makes me feel (again). Some songs go right through me, channeling what I personally would never be able to express adequately.

Rage against racism, nationalism, and anti-Semitism is buzzing through my system permanently. Thus, I asked my musical literate friends of beyond tape to help me collect songs discussing these social catastrophes. Now, listening to the playlist that emerged from my request reminds me of my personal responsibility — to not shut down when people (including family and friends by the way) naturally drop racist remarks and to not look away when people of color get bullied for not appearing or acting ‘German’ enough (who the fuck is defining what that means anyway?).

Thanks for your support beyond tape! And to all the haters out there: better don’t catch me while listening to Against Racism! (which I do a lot) as I won’t give you a pass on claiming that this land is exclusively your land.

You’re not a Spotify-User? Don’t worry, we made a youtube-playlist for you.